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Leather is a material which consists of varied kind of animal skin and therefore you will find different composition in other kinds of leather garments and accessories. The fiber structure and the density of pores also speak for when it comes to dyeing. Different animal skins will bring in a variant result of the same dye used.

The foremost step is to prepare the material of leather by tanning. There are many finishes to it like full grain, top grain, corrected and many more to suit the kind of final look you want for the surface of the leather. Before dyeing however you have to make sure that the material is clean and therefore you may choose a professional method of seeing to this aspect.

Prior to dyeing leather you have to see to it that the mix of the particular dye is done properly so that there is no discrepancy. Stir and shake the bottle well before you use the dye on the leather. Get a sponge brush to be the tool for dyeing leather. If you are operating on vast stretch of leather then you can also go for the spray gun method to evenly distribute the dye over the area of the material.

It is not necessary that the first coat of dye itself will be enough for the leather. Sometimes subsequent coating may be required to get the desired finish. However be careful to not use wool fabric tool or shearing to dye the leather as it may contain most of the pigment within itself. You need to dampen the leather with little water or cleanser before applying long strokes of the dye on the surface.

It may take up to 2 hours for the first coat or the next to dry. The time duration however depends on the kind of material the leather has. You have to flex the skin of the material at the moment of drying. This is done so as to keep the material loose and in turn saving the leather from having a stiff texture. As soon as the leather dries you have to clean the surface by buffing so that any additional dye is removed. This will make sure that your material has a nice shine and polish to it.

You still have to apply a coat of leather finish on the surface for an ideal makeup. You can use again a spray gun or the other method mentioned above to apply the finish liquid. Use a soft dauber to achieve the desired appearance of leather garment or accessory. You may use oil based dyes for royal look on leather. You can also look for the water based ones for the leather material to have an even application on the surface.

The above methods can allow you to have leather material dyed easily and that too at home. So you can now personalize many clothing and accessories made from leather on your own.

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