Expert Author Viktor Dujmovic

Online art communities - if used wisely - can be of a great use for artists in promoting their art. There are a lot of useful online platforms and almost all of these social networks have some services which help the artists to achieve their goals:

  • show their work of art (drawings, paintings, caricatures, posters, digital paintings, graphics, etc)
  • generate traffic to their own website or blog
  • sell their artwork online
  • connect with other artists
  • become more popular, or well-known

It is never enough just to join these artist websites in order to get the full benefits the communities offer. Frequent mistakes come from laziness: artists join the artist network but never sign in to look around, never upload their work or interact with others. If you really don't mean to waste your time and you want to do something to become noticed as an artist, do your best to visit your account from time to time (after you have registered) and leave your fingerprints.

Use the functions that almost all social networks have:

  • upload a new work of art on a weekly basis (art community websites often show the latest uploaded work on their homepage or some other visible place).
  • always add your avatar to your profile (those little images are our virtual selves, often following us from one network to another, giving people a visual representation of some part of ourselves - it matters).
  • rate and comment others' works and keep in mind: "Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down." - Jimmy Durante
  • participate in art events or contests the site offers and become famous! Well, maybe not movie star, but you will get your name out in the artist community visible to hundreds or thousands of visitors (you never know where will the site be in one or two years... )!
  • try to help others and don't be afraid to ask for assistance or just an opinion!
  • give a positive feedback or recommendation to your mates if you've finished a good work with them. They WILL appreciate it!

These are just a few tips on how can you be noticed and become a popular member of the artist community. They are not time-consuming activities: for 10-15 minutes of typing and thinking you will get much more back! Your profile page, username or full name, avatar image and your works of art will be more visible.



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